German Dept. Zoom conversation meetings

find link of meeting by going to the german department instagram account @upittgerman

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When: Thursdays 4-5pm est

COVID- 19 useful links

WHO – Video on COVID-19 and how to protect yourself (1.5 minutes, infographic-style):


WHO: COVID-19 questions and answers:


CDC travel recommendations regarding travel for places with ongoing transmission (including definitions of isolation/social distancing practices):


CDC, “Facts to Share about COVID-19”:



Our Mission

It is our mission to foster a better understanding of German language and culture (Austrian, Swiss, Liechtenstein, and German). Our vision is to expand and supplement the academic endeavors of students interested in German culture and language through extracurricular activities and to promote a better understanding and appreciation of German culture, as well as working with other language clubs to promote general understanding and respect of cultures.

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